Chi Kung

Chi Kung forms the root of Dao Lu, focusing on returning home, back into your own body. It's about calming down your mind, relaxing your body and root yourself into the earth while moving in a fluid and natural way.

Qigong Chi Kung or 'energy work' calms the mind and makes the body strong and supple.

Our Chi Kung is meditation in motion, connective tissue training, and a soft form of fitness training all at once.

The movements have a natural simplicity and beauty. They are rooted in Tai Chi Chuan and Zhineng Chi Kung and form the basis for Dao Lu.

Chi Kung helps you to come home to your own basis: your body. You learn to relax, to become grounded, and to calm your thoughts.

Only when your body and mind are calm can your self-healing capacity do its work and gradually heal sore areas, injuries and traumas.

Mostly, Chi Kung is very pleasant to do; the calm rhythmic movements make your body strong and supple, calm your emotions, and clear your mind, bringing you into contact with your inner power.

Being strong, resilient and calm makes you more productive at work and more playful in resolving everyday problems. It also gives you a clearer perspective on the 'crazy' world we live in.

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