At Fire Dragon we train in Dao Lu: the natural path, the path of least resistance, of 'flow with the go'.

Your natural path is the path that allows you to fully realise your potential, both physically and mentally. We often talk about how the Dao Lu principle appears in daily life and how to 'walk the path'.

If you wish to reflect more deeply on what walking the path means for you, which obstacles, confusion or options you encounter, and how to bring more harmony into your life, you can make an appointment for an individual session. This option is open to members and non-members alike.

The group lessons form a basic training in Dao Lu and provide the required level of ‘maintenance’. Individual lessons and/or sessions can help you to address specific themes in more depth. These sessions are an invitation to dedicate time and energy to unravelling inner conflicts, frozen old experiences and disharmony in relationships.

The mild calming and ordering principles of Dao Lu can be found in all aspects of life. This search combines study, training and therapy.
Dao Lu leads to more unity in the body: more harmony between the various components of thought, feeling and action, and more clarity and harmony in your relationship to others. The lucidity that emerges offers you a clearer perspective on your ‘higher self’: the profound meaning of your life.

All individual sessions take place with Mark Sluijter.

To make an appointment

To make an appointment, please call us at 070-3465281 or e-mail us at
Individual sessions take place in the training room. I will provide tea and a sketch board for ordering your thoughts. The sessions last as long as needed, but do not usually exceed one hour.
At the end of each session we can decide together whether and when to plan a next session.


The costs of a private session are € 55,- per session