Lu Kung Fu

Lu Kung Fu is a fusion of Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun Kuen. A modern martial art for preventing conflict or, if necessary, ending conflict with a minimum of violence.

Lu-training Self-defence according to the Lu method teaches you to protect yourself effectively against pushing, pulling, grabbing, hitting, and kicking. You learn to protect yourself actively without causing your opponent unnecessary pain or injury. To react quickly and powerfully without becoming aggressive. To adequately respond to threats, insults and attacks, without 'overkill'. Lu Kung Fu means: trained skills (Kung Fu) in going with the flow (Lu).

Lu, een volledig geïntegreerde trainingsmethode Lu is a practical method that is both rooted in ancient Taoist martial arts and extremely suitable to our modern lifestyle. Lu not only trains your physical skills, it also develops your mental ability to resolve conflicts. With Lu you learn to find your way intuitively without colliding with others or losing your individuality. Lu clears the path to inner peace, clear judgment, and decisive action.

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