Dao Lu — Tai Chi

Dao Lu — stands for solo exercises like in Tai Chi Chuan, focusing on moving around while connecting with your surroundings and a (virtual) partner.

Tai Chi Dao Lu teaches you to move in a natural way, both alone and in contact with others.

Dao Lu helps you to focus your energy. You learn to find your power by spiralling your body from the ground upwards through your feet, legs, back and arms, all the way to your fingertips.
By training Dao Lu you create more flexibility and resilience in your body, which you can then use in all kinds of everyday situations. Everything you do comes more easily. Your physical and mental balance improves, as does your concentration.

Dao Lu is a martial art based on a non-violent approach to life, situations and other people.
Through partner practices, you learn in a playful way to experiment with non-violent communication, assertiveness, and the basics of self-defence. If you wish to acquire realistic self-defence skills, you can progress to training in Lu Kung Fu (Dao Lu /).

We teach the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan, starting with the Peking (24) form. At a later stage, if you are interested you can also learn the original 108 form.

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